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Azimuth Environmental Consulting, Inc. was formed in March 1995 and has grown to offer its clients a diverse disciplinary cross section of environmental services. Azimuth's goal is to provide clients with expert environmental consulting solutions that effectively meet their needs. Our professional staff are predominantly senior consultants with expertise in environmental planning, regulation/policy development, agriculture, hydrogeology, contaminant hydrogeology, hydrogeology of fractured rock, geochemistry, hydrology, environmental engineering, fisheries biology, wildlife management/biology, terrestrial biology, environmental restoration and botany.

Azimuth's clients represent federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as private corporations throughout Ontario. Most of our clients are repeat clients, where Azimuth acts as their environmental department, providing expertise in any of our corporate disciplines.


Azimuth Environmental Consulting, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition to our team of Scott Martin as a Senior Terrestrial Ecologist. Scott has been a professional ecologist and communications/education specialist for over 30 years. Over that time, Scott worked in many of Ontario’s highest profile National and Provincial Parks and Wildlife Areas, in both the Resource Management and education departments. For 7 years, he was the National Coordinator of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System of Canada, a national NGO that provided stewardship assistance and education to over 450 properties across Canada working to environmentally manage more than 25,000 hectares.

Scott operated his own ecological consulting company since 1989, specializing in biological inventory and analysis; ecological restoration/naturalization planning, design and management; endangered species studies; environmental impact assessments; ecological land classification; and peer review. As part of his company, Scott also operated one of Ontario’s oldest and largest native plant specialty nurseries, growing hundreds of thousands of plants from over 260 native Ontario species, for use in habitat restoration and management projects. His plants can be found at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa, Science North in Sudbury, on golf courses, in meadows, wetlands and gardens, and along water courses throughout central and southern Ontario. Scott’s ecology field skills are broad, with specialties including botany, birds, amphibians, Species At Risk studies, and habitat restoration and naturalization design and implementation.

One of Scott’s favourite projects is working to advance the use of “detector dogs” in biological surveys. Whether for post-construction solar and wind farm monitoring, invasive species detection, or for specific Species At Risk surveys, his specially trained detector dogs can usually find targets faster and more accurately than the most well-seasoned ecologist. Scott hopes to be able to continue this cutting-edge field work with Azimuth.

Educating others has always played a major role in all of Scott’s activities, from teaching park visitors about significant resources, to educating homeowners and golf course managers on how to create sanctuaries for wildlife on their properties, to mentoring junior environmental field staff regarding proper ecological monitoring techniques and ethics. Through the years Scott has delivered hundreds of presentations to groups of all sizes, ages and interests, has been a guest expert on dozens of radio and television programs and has had articles published in many trade and general interest periodicals, ranging from local to national in scope.

Scott is trained, certified and experienced in Ecological Land Classification, Ontario Wetland Evaluation System, NHIC Data Sensitivity, as a Butternut Health Assessor, and as a Certified Seed Collector. He has worked in dark, dense, mosquito-infested swamps to lush Carolinian forests in Ontario’s “banana belt”, and all the way up to the northern boreal forest, and everywhere, and in every kind of habitat, in-between. And, he has loved every minute of it!

Scott is “very excited to be joining the great, professional, close-knit family at Azimuth Environmental Consulting”, and we are happy to welcome him on-board.